The Amaze series is designed by the Danish designteam Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen. All of the teak garden furniture pieces are handmade by skilled craftsmen and has a fantastic seating comfort.

Experience the Amaze teak garden furniture series here.

The Area table series consists of an elegant round aluminum dining table with a diameter of 110 cm.

The Area dining table offers a functional and minimalistic design. The table is the perfect companion to any dining chair and blends in perfectly with both modern and classic dining chairs – both in aluminum, fabric or teak. You decide.

The Area table is with it´s powder coated hardwearing aluminium surface easy to maintain. The Area table comes in both Lava grey and white. Area is designed by the Cane-lines designers Hee Welling and Gudmundur Ludvik.

Bandhini Homewear Design, designing beautiful handmade textiles which adore sofas and beds. Wholesale cushions, pillows, throws, artwork straight to the Interior Design Industry. 

At BHD we embrace the simplicity of Eastern ways and have strived to keep our product hand crafted and hand detailed – without the use of heavy petrol based machinery. Where at all possible we use natural fibres that are handwoven and use vat dyes that do not make a hard impact on the environment. We would like to think that all our products would gently return to earth.

Like the wandering free spirit our name Barefoot Gypsy suggests, owner Maxine Smith was an insatiable global traveler. Deciding over three years ago to harness her love of people, travel and cultures, a business was born of the pieces she kept collecting, initially for her own home.

As the wealth of cultural beauty was revealed to her in each new global encounter- she knew she wanted to tell the stories of the artisan techniques and share the beauty that each craft tradition had to tell. Old and new celebrated equally, her ever-consuming passion for design, textiles, fashion and home wares allowed her to bring Barefoot Gypsy to fruition. 

Three ideas shape her collecting; the secret ingredients Maxine believes are intrinsic to finding pieces you will cherish for a lifetime. Her creed- fall in love with your choices, dream of a space you will always find yourself happy in and be free to try the unexpected.

love + dream + be free

with barefoot gypsy.

Belmont is pure lounge-style in a simple design. The series consists of 4 modules and a corresponding  lounge chair. Belmont modules can be combined at will, thus creating a myriad of lounge environments. Mutual for the range are its clean lines combined with comfort, which supports pure relaxation.
Bloomingville was founded in Denmark in 2000. Throughout this growth process it has maintained it's focus on excellent quality, reasonable prices and the high­est level of service.
Initially, Bloomingville's product line consisted of items sourced from European producers as well as a small variety of pieces designed by the com­pany's founder, Betina Stampe. Over time that focus shifted, and today the vast majority of the products are designed in-house, supplemented by special vintage items sourced directly from se­lected suppliers in Southeast Asia and Africa. The unique Bloomingville style is a mixture of raw products with a nostalgic Scandinavian twist and reproductions of fantastic pieces from times past inspired by French brocante.
Botanic is a series of flowerpots in natural or mocca loom weave that fit perfectly with outdoor living. They are characterized by being light, frost safe and practical. It is recommended to drill holes in the bottom of the pots so that water and moisture can escape.


Botanist Aromatherapy is the love-child of Tanya Ambrosini.  Her passion for non-toxic living, essential oils, crystals, natural beauty products and connecting with ourselves pushed her to create something that allowed people to dip their toes into this world without investing heavily or making any kind of commitments.​
A self-love advocate, holistic health coach, wife + mama, Tanya is so excited to bring you this collection, lovingly made by hand in her home on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  Each blend is one that Tanya has used extensively in her home and on her loved ones over several years.

The Breeze outdoor garden furniture collection from Danish designers STRAND+HVASS is one of the latest groups formed in collaboration between Cane-line and a renowned design studio.

The elegant dining chair and the low, inviting lounge chair are both built up over a classic wire frame, and it is precisely the bent legs of the chair that provide the design with the unique lightness and elegance.

The series encompasses a dining and a lounge chair, a coffee table and a side table. Later the architect-duo has added a comfortable highback chair with matching footstool and a bar stool to the range.

The black weave is reminiscent of the 60’s – a new modernity with links to past and present. Breeze combines design superior handcraftsmanship; craftsmanship that is carried out at Cane-line’s meticulous, quality-orientated, workshops in Indonesia.

The result is a unique range of luxurious, all-weather outdoor garden furniture.

Cane-line is a Danish design company that has been in business for 25 years. We are specialized in hand-woven materials, water- and weatherproof furniture.

All over the world, our mission is the same – to make life simple and add value to places to unwind and relax. You will find Cane-line collections in 90 countries worldwide.

Life made comfortable is the very essence of Cane-line. We focus on quality and comfort and make our furniture with the greatest care for our environment and the well-being of people.

We are.

Umbrellas for the Sun Dwellers.

Take a moment to travel back in time and enjoy our art - inspired by the ancient time.

Ever since I was a child I was always busy with art and crafts and always felt that THIS IS MY DREAM and this is what i want to do in life,
over the years I have experimented and created with a lot of materials until I discovered the clay, since than- it's a love story

I was born, grew up and still live in the desert of Israel, the desert gives me great inspiration - the earth, the endless spaces, the simplicity and the great strength...

When I met my husband, Ben - I was exposed to archeology where I found a lot of interest and inspiration.

Ben is a third generation of preserver and conservator of archaeological sites in his family, and the ancient world is a integral part of his life.

During our work as a conservators, as part of maintaining traditions and ancient ruins, we decided to revive the heritage and ancient workshops
by creating original art inspired by ancient world.

Ben - creates spectacular and useful oil lamps - all handmade with traditional methods.

Dori, my mother in low and I - creates jewelry and home decorations inspired by the ancient world - some are similar to items that found in the excavations and some original works from imagination.

We work with natural materials, creating everything with our own hands with lots of love and attention.

Thank you for visiting our little ancient world,


Our new Conic outdoor modular lounge group is the latest development of Danish designers Foresom & Hiort-Lorenzen. Their assignment was to create a new modular lounge group that offers different opportunities than the popular outdoor Diamond lounge series, yet still building upon the same all-weather Cane-line Tex cushions. A long process was initiated and many solutions were discussed. The result was a unique frame, made from conic pipes that clearly marks the character of the modules. In order to enhance the unique frame, new Cane-line Tex straps were developed offering a more transparent outdoor design.

Conic is build on a design principle of simplicity – less is more. With only 4 modules, it’s possible to create numerous lounge groups and sofas fitting your garden or terrace perfectly. It is even possible to create two different seat depths, thus different types of comfort. By using the Daybed module together with the 2-seater left and right module you can build a huge nest or a cool lounge group with both the classic sitting comfort and the more relaxed laidback style from the daybed module.

Conic comes with an easy to use connection system that can be installed without having to flip the furniture around. One simply clicks the connector to the frames underneath the cushions, and the sofa is secured together


The Core series consist of both tables and chairs.

The beautiful teak tables combines the classic with the modern style, and lifts the use of teak in outdoor furniture to a new level. The tables comes in 3 different sizes and in two colour variations. 

The Core garden dining chair is a result of an exciting development process where we worked with a completely new manufacturing technique. We managed to combine our Cane-line Tex® with QuickDry® Foam by quilting them and thereby creating a look normally only seen in indoor furniture. The Core chairs are also available in the new material SoftTouch.


This new elegant and minimalistic bar table and chairs is designed by danish designers Hee Welling and Gudmundur Ludvik for Cane-line. The products are made from laser cut aluminium, bended and welded together – simple, yet refined to blend in with any exterior or interior setting. It comes with a powder coated surface in white and black. It requires a minimum of cleaning and maintenance. Cut is a strong choice for informal “get together” areas or at home on the terrace for those enjoying something  
Dried Flowers + Grasses
Dried flowers, preserved plants and dried grasses are the most on trend compliment to home interiors at the moment.  With the right care, they will provide years of enjoyment.


The edge series designed by Strand+Hvass offers a completely new style in the Cane-line's assortment. With it's transparent rope weaving and minimalistic aluminium frame, it will blend in many places yet stand out as a contemporary and practical outdoor furniture.  Further, the comfort of the Edge series is high both in terms of sitting comfort and usability.  Rope excels with a nice feel-and-touch and dries fast after a rain shower. The Edge series is  produced by use of casted aluminium parts designed for optimal aesthetics and strenght.  The Edge Series fits exceptionally with the Edge Extension tables and the Bench Can be used as two extra seats at the end of the table. The highback chair is the ideal Relaxing chair and used together with an On-the-Move table one has a comfortable and maintenance-free solution. The new Edge Series represents a new style that works both indoor as well outdoor settings.

The Frankie Pot range are made from a composite material made from a blend of fibre glass and concrete. The pots are lightweight so great for use on balconies; they’re also extremely tough and weather resistent but more importantly look great with their unique and contemporary designs.
Gretchen is a passionate collector and curator of one-of-a-kind, rare vintage and antique handwoven rugs. Every rug is carefully hand-selected from skilled artisans from the world’s famous weaving centres. Gretchen is committed to curating rugs with class and tradition. Every pattern has a meaning and is inspired by the art, architecture, and culture of its surroundings. Her rugs are honourably sourced, and all certified by GoodWeave®. They are not only home furnishings, but are a form of aesthetics that touch the soul. I believe that a rug is like a valuable piece of art, a special form of aesthetic that touches the soul, and can make all the difference in interior design.
Our ‘Humphrey’ range oozes all things interiors. Constructed from a lightweight composite the range features earthy textures and tones in styles we’re certain will complement all living spaces. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use the range are drain hole free ensuring no messy water spills on your treasured furniture and floors. We’re sure this range will be a favourite!

A multi-disciplinary firm operating within the overlapping spaces of art and architecture.


IN.SEK is a Brooklyn based company, run by Ashira Isreal that designs and creates products, furniture, lighting, sculpture and architectural spaces.

They work with a broad range of clients, both commercial and residential, as well as design and manufacture their own line of handmade products and furniture.

As a studio that works in both design and manufacturing, IN.SEK has a unique perspective that informs and inspires their design process from start to finish.By experimenting with and exploring conventional materials such as concrete, wood, metal, and glass, they are able to achieve unconventional and beautiful results. Their work is constantly evolving dialogue between the harmony of material, form and function.

Care and consideration for craftsmanship and sustainability goes into every project. IN.SEK uses solar power in their studio workshop, donates sawdust to farmers, recycles, and strives to create quality pieces that are durable and timeless.

Growing up surrounded by art and nature has influenced Emily Heysen’s personal style.  Working with artisans from Australia and around the world to create unique handmade pieces of the highest quality.  With a strong commitment to creativity, the environment and ethical production, INARTISAN values individual craftsmanship and artistic integrity over mass-production.
We have hand selected a variety of low maintenance Indoor Plants to decorate your home and bring the outdoors in.  These plants require little attention and will provide you beautiful foliage throughout the year.
Jo-Liza was established by the late Severina (Viring) de Asis in 1972 offering rare antiques and one-of-a-kind items she had bought from her travels abroad. With her distinctive taste and eye for quality, she became known as “Asia’s Queen of Antiques” and was able to build a retailing empire. True to her legacy as one of the pioneers in the furniture trade, she started manufacturing Venetian style mirrors and furniture which she exported in the United States and Europe.
Continuing her legacy, her daughter, Liza opened Jo-Liza International in Los Angeles in 1991. She continues to manufacture her mother’s original designs of Venetian style mirrors and home accessories. Her inspirations come from her early travels with her mother in Europe and the United States exposing her to rare finds and different cultures. She incorporated her mother’s traditional designs with a touch of modern twist to keep up with the latest trends. 
Today, Liza is  relaunching  her latest line of furniture and home accessories inspired by organic materials to convey the essence of earth, sea, and fire.
She was chosen as one of the “BEST of the BEST” by the New York Metro chapter of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)  February 2014.

About the Artist

Karlee Mackie

Is an ex professional free surfer/artist and first Australian paid free surfer.

She has shown her work in art shows in LA with gallery Ar4t which was a huge success and all works sold.

In addition to her art work she has worked with a number of surf brands, designing their labels (Aerial 7, Gallaz, Rusty) along with creating illustrations for a Cambodian children’s book to raise money for school buses.

She also created Richard Branson’s son and friend Sam and Isabella Branson’s wedding book invite which was shown in HELLO magazine.

This particular piece was inspired by an African theme series from an old diary she found when she went to the wedding in ULUSABA.

She is also a new Mum and going through the motions of reinventing herself creatively.

Kim Soo is a fresh, new homewares and design space in Seminyak, Bali. It’s stylish, decorative, spirited, and very nicely hard to label. It’s a little bit bohemian, a little bit ethnic, classic and contemporary.

Kim Soo opened in May 2015 and sits not far from the beautiful and sacred Petitenget Temple, the elegant beachfront La Lucciola and the fun and raucous Motel Mexicola. Surrounded by this quixotic mix, Kim Soo trades from a wonderful old Dutch Colonial building and shares its frontage with the new Cafe Kim Soo and neighbours the madly popular Sea Circus and Mister Zimi.

Kim Soo sources products from across the Indonesian Archipelago and designs and manufactures its own unique pieces. Wood, metal, textiles, stone, grass and paper are centre stage to produce a diverse range of beautifully crafted and wildly interesting quality products.

Kim Soo has quickly gathered a global portfolio of International clientele, shipping its rare and beautiful products throughout Europe, South East Asia, The Middle East, The Americas, Australia and New Zealand.

The team behind Kim Soo curates an unpretentious and easy look, combining the traditional with new and delivering an exciting design focus that captures the exceptional creative skills of Indonesia.

We hope that the aesthetic of Kim Soo brings you great pleasure and enriches the spaces that you live in.

Magnolia Lane is proud to be supporting this wonderful stockist, La Luna Rose.  They do everything with a social and environmental conscience, ensuring that everything they produce follows sustainable practices.  You can read more about this wonderful brand here https://lalunarose.com/pages/about-us


Sustainability: The Endurance of Systems & processes.

Read here - https://lalunarose.com/pages/sustainable-practices

Award-winning multiple-use furniture, made of sustainable natural rattan. A sculptural construction combining lightness with a great strenght. Use Nest as a table, bench, footstool or simply for decoration


The Newport chair is an easy and versatile garden chair that will be a favourite for all those looking for a stackable and comfortable that doesn't take up a lot of space. Ideal for the small terrace in the private home or as a contract chair for hotels and restaurants. The Newport comes in black loom weave and with or without armrests.

On-The-Move is a lightweight and stylish side table designed by the Danish design duo STRAND+HVASS.

On-the-move is both elegant and practical and with its easy-to-grab handle and removable tray it can convert from a designer side table to a handy serving tray in no time.

Made from aluminium, it is the ideal accompaniment for out- and indoor use. Available in two sizes and 3 diffrent colours: anthracite, white and Taupe colours

Husband and wife duo, Chris and Phoebe, had always been passionate about colour, texture and the sense that some objects have real heart. This became the crux of Sage x Clare and they started it with the aim of offering fellow interior lovers a place where they could find global treasures that are handmade, bohemian, soulful and eclectic.

Recently, sister line PLAY by Sage x Clare was also launched, boasting a colourful and energetic array of homewares at affordable prices. Dispensing with formality, the diffusion line celebrates our signature laid-back boho look to encourage playful interior spaces in every home.

Phoebe and Chris have spent extensive time overseas working side-by-side with weavers, block printers, and screen printers (to name a few!) to bring Sage and Clare designs to life. 

“There is a mutual learning that occurs between us and our artisans - they teach us their lifelong trade and we teach them how these traditional techniques can also lend themselves to modern design. It’s the perfect match!”

With Phoebe overseeing the business and Chris (outside of this day job!) providing much-need support, they also have a small team of magic-makers who keep Sage and Clare running. 

 “Every day we aim to delight and inspire our customers… But most of all, we want to take you on a journey” 

Satara Australia supplies the Australian retail, designer and commercial markets with a range of high quality, hand crafted, indoor and outdoor furniture and homewares, inspired by natural materials and global trends. Our collections are designed to enable our customer’s appreciation and enjoyment of our great Australian lifestyle.

The Satara approach to furniture is all about utilising great design with natural and manmade materials and skilled craftsmanship to create a seamless indoor/outdoor look and lifestyle. We understand Australian's love of the outdoor lifestyle and consequently our outdoor furniture range is built to last and designed for maximum enjoyment and aesthetic impact. Our expanding Indoor collection includes the best designs from era's gone by with new modern classics. Furniture and homewares in our range are imported and often designed by Satara.

Satara's owners, Andrew & Colleen Johnston have a passion for working hard to enjoy the good things in life. This includes travelling within Australia and around the world with their family to experience amazing architecture, furniture,decor, people and cultures. Having both worked in the corporate world for many years they now enjoy the freedom and creativity involved in building the Satara brand and designing and sourcing new pieces for Satara's expanding range of fantastic products. They take pleasure in helping Australian and New Zealand customers enjoy real indoor/outdoor living.

We have showrooms in Melbourne, Adelaide ( adelaide agencies) and Auckland (Sage Lifestyles) with our distribution centre in Braeside Melbourne Australia.


Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen (MDD) designed Savannah in 2008. The lounge group contains 4 modular elements, one lounge chair and two low tables, which can either be used as a coffee table or footstool.  The modules can be combined in countless ways, so Savannah can be a corner sofa, a large sofa or just freestanding modules. Regardless of composition, the beautiful curves and good comfort created by careful craftsmanship is pure enjoyment. For the 2010 season, the architects added two separate luxurious daybeds to the range. United as one they create an island for two, spacious and inviting, or use them alone to enjoy the sun or relax in the shade under the floating sunscreen.

Driven to create & source, unique & handmade products for the home & for personal use, Shakiraaz was created by Melbourne based, Indian born, Textile/Graphic designer Shakira Lima.

Shakira’s Indian heritage, coupled with her love for all things “Bright & Beautiful”, “Rustic & Handmade”, her brand “Shakiraaz”, is a kaleidoscope of beautiful textiles & products , hand-woven, hand-printed or hand-painted, in warm earthy shades & spun into products that are completely unique & original.

Apart from creating her own designs, Shakira, also sources products directly from Indian artisans, at local fairs & markets in India, in turn helping the artisans sustain a livelihood & thus, showcasing their traditional techniques combined with a contemporary edge, to an international market.

With an aim to creating a sustainable brand, Shakiraaz, mainly uses eco-friendly dyes, natural & raw fabrics & hand-spun traditional techniques, that leave a less harmful stamp on the environment.

Bloomingville was founded in Denmark in 2000. Throughout this growth process it has maintained its focus on excellent quality, reasonable prices and the high­est level of service.
Initially, Bloomingville's product line consisted of items sourced from European producers as well as a small variety of pieces designed by the com­pany's founder, Betina Stampe. Over time that focus shifted, and today the vast majority of the products are designed in-house, supplemented by special vintage items sourced directly from se­lected suppliers in Southeast Asia and Africa. The unique Bloomingville style is a mixture of raw products with a nostalgic Scandinavian twist and reproductions of fantastic pieces from times past inspired by French brocante.

We don't stock the full Bloomingville lines and therefore place special orders with our suppliers monthly.  If you would like anything from this range, please contact us.  Payment is required upon request to place a special order (usually once we have placed with our supplier).

Our monthly order cut off date is 20th of the month with expected delivery @ 12 weeks later.



St Barts opened its first store on the Gold Coast at the Ferry Rd Markets in May 2010 and the Brisbane James St store soon followed at the end of November 2011. From the beginning the intention was clear, to present an idyllic and inspiring space full of carefully collected and created pieces from global travels to unearth a sense of wanderlust and adventure within the home, each piece with its own story to tell.

Common wisdom advises the virtue of the journey over the destination, and so it is that we have travelled this road procuring crafted curiosities, fabulous furnishings, fine fashion and all things made with heart, and every step has had it’s own reward. From Mongolia to Morocco, Denmark to India, Asia to Africa, we aim to represent what sings to our peripatetic souls and share this journey with our customers.

Never complacent, never tired of the journey and always grateful to the loyalty and love of our fellow passengers, thanks for being part of the St Barts story.

Straw Weave

Straw combines the classic art of weaving with an unfailing Scandinavian expression. The woven surfaces give the chairs and chaiselounge a lightweight appearance and excellent comfort.

Sunday Supply Co.

Stunning vintage beach umbrellas with modern qualities designed to age gracefully and naturally. Finished with beautiful natural
cotton tassels, lightly varnished beechwood and custom-designed aluminium alloy hinge and hardwares. These timeless beach umbrellas are great company on any sunny day and made to be an essential part of your sun drenched days and endless summers.

At The Balcony Garden strives to find the most unique designs and finishes for all their pots. Their team of designers are at the forefront of contemporary and classic product design. Their range features light weight pots, large feature pots and bowls, glazed ceramic pots and large Thai finish pots and urns.

The Balcony Garden is actively involved in sourcing environmentally friendly, ethically sourced and sustainable products.

In 2014 pots from their Frankie range were featured in a Gold Medal award winning garden at The Australian Garden Show Sydney.

Our aim is to bring the highest quality designer Fair Trade homewares to an audience that values contemporary design. 

The Dharma Door has travelled the world to find the most highly skilled Fair Trade artisans, using only the best quality raw materials, to bring you an exclusive range of baskets and homewares that bridge contemporary styling with time honoured traditional production methods. In others words, not only are you purchasing a beautifully designed and impeccably crafted product, you are engaging with a product that tells a story with every stitch and every fibre.

Through our partnerships with village men and women, The Dharma Door brings needed resources to remote villages while ensuring that traditional skills aren't lost in the modern consumer environment. We value the unrivalled quality of products that such partnerships create, and we are proud to be actively promoting Fair Trade ethics to a growing audience wanting something that is made to last, and wanting something that tells a bigger story than just the item itself.

We hope you love our products as much as we love bringing them to you.

Uniqwa Furniture is a supplier of designer furniture inspired by nature and ethnic culture that fits into contemporary environments.  With this, we use recycled and plantation woods predominately in our range. Being eco friendly and sustainably responsible are part of our core attributes.

Uniqwa as the name describes is uniqueness with a difference. A strong but not predominant African flavour, which can be interpreted by its tribal nature. It is about simplicity and function combined with art that makes us who we are. It is organic, earthy and naturally modern.

Founder of Uniqwa Furniture, Charl van Heerden was born in South Africa, but studied Furniture Design & Technology at RMIT in Melbourne. “I am and always have been inspired by the culture that I grew up in. It is such a creative place where people use materials often overlooked to create the most amazing pieces of art. I have learned that there is the potential for beauty in everything around us, but it is the way we use it, the way we see it and the way we apply it that makes it beautiful.”

We invite you to explore our company and look forward to being a part of your support team for your next project.

Creating innovative products and concepts with great designers is Vitra’s essence. They are developed in Switzerland and installed worldwide by architects, companies and private users to build inspirational spaces for living, working and shopping as well as public areas.
With its classics Vitra represents groundbreaking 20th century design. Today, in combining technical and conceptual expertise with the creativity of contemporary designers, Vitra seeks to continue pushing the boundaries of the design discipline.
A family business for eighty years, Vitra believes in lasting relationships with customers, employees and designers, durable products, sustainable growth and the power of good design.
The Vitra Campus with buildings by some of the world’s leading architects and the Vitra Design Museum with its exhibitions on design and architecture, design archives and a comprehensive furniture collection are all part of Vitra. They inspire visitors, inform the design process and create an atmosphere in which innovation flourishes.
The natural weathered look of The Wally designer range gives the pots a unique textured finish. This is created by the firing process they undergo. Each pot has individual colours and textures ranging from tones of white, grey and sometimes green.

Established in 1974, Warranbrooke is a market leader in the wholesale wall decor and homewares industries. With a reputation for a diverse and continually expanding product range, backed by excellent service, we are committed to offering our customers a range of products to suit all budgets and lifestyles. 

Warranbrooke is proud to offer an extensive range of internationally sourced products, as well as a range of framed prints that are designed and manufactured in Melbourne by our talented team.

Our in-house design company, Middle of Nowhere, offers our customers an exciting trend-driven range of locally designed products, which are available via Warranbrooke.

Like the Frankie range the Willow range are also made from a composite blend of fibre glass and concrete. The pots are lightweight so great for use on balconies, they’re also extremely tough and weather resistant. Their smooth and sleek finish makes them the perfect addition to contemporary designs.