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Take a moment to travel back in time and enjoy our art - inspired by the ancient time.

Ever since I was a child I was always busy with art and crafts and always felt that THIS IS MY DREAM and this is what i want to do in life,
over the years I have experimented and created with a lot of materials until I discovered the clay, since than- it's a love story

I was born, grew up and still live in the desert of Israel, the desert gives me great inspiration - the earth, the endless spaces, the simplicity and the great strength...

When I met my husband, Ben - I was exposed to archeology where I found a lot of interest and inspiration.

Ben is a third generation of preserver and conservator of archaeological sites in his family, and the ancient world is a integral part of his life.

During our work as a conservators, as part of maintaining traditions and ancient ruins, we decided to revive the heritage and ancient workshops
by creating original art inspired by ancient world.

Ben - creates spectacular and useful oil lamps - all handmade with traditional methods.

Dori, my mother in low and I - creates jewelry and home decorations inspired by the ancient world - some are similar to items that found in the excavations and some original works from imagination.

We work with natural materials, creating everything with our own hands with lots of love and attention.

Thank you for visiting our little ancient world,


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  • Ceramic planter\vase Turquoise Aztec design
    Ceramic planter\vase Turquoise Aztec design - Magnolia Lane
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