In.Sek Design

A multi-disciplinary firm operating within the overlapping spaces of art and architecture.


IN.SEK is a Brooklyn based company, run by Ashira Isreal that designs and creates products, furniture, lighting, sculpture and architectural spaces.

They work with a broad range of clients, both commercial and residential, as well as design and manufacture their own line of handmade products and furniture.

As a studio that works in both design and manufacturing, IN.SEK has a unique perspective that informs and inspires their design process from start to finish.By experimenting with and exploring conventional materials such as concrete, wood, metal, and glass, they are able to achieve unconventional and beautiful results. Their work is constantly evolving dialogue between the harmony of material, form and function.

Care and consideration for craftsmanship and sustainability goes into every project. IN.SEK uses solar power in their studio workshop, donates sawdust to farmers, recycles, and strives to create quality pieces that are durable and timeless.