Aruba Bench - Magnolia Lane
Aruba Bench - Magnolia Lane
Aruba Bench - Magnolia Lane

Aruba Bench

Uniqwa Furniture
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The Aruba Bench is handcrafted from A-grade reclaimed teak wood with clear lacquer topcoat.

Inspired by nature, the reclaimed teakwood range seamlessly combines the warmth and character of beautifully aged teak with a modern style. 

Materials: Recycled teak wood in highly sanded finish with clear lacquer top coat.

Dimensions: 200w x 32d x 45h cm

Enquire about availability and delivery to your area.

* Uniqwa sources their reclaimed teakwood especially for it's unique characteristics. The wood is reclaimed after being discarded when old and no longer safe to live in Javanese buildings are dismantled.

After enduring harsh weather conditions for decades, teak develops beautiful character with a rustic, engraved look that adds an element of life to Uniqwa's designs.

Reclaimed wood has natural characteristics and distress such as textured surfaces, knot or nail holes, borers remnants and diverse planks that can create a slightly uneven surface and natural shifting or cracking of the table. Slight irregularities may occur in size and finish specifications.

Unqiwa embraces these attributes as a testament to the unique qualities of natural materials; they are an integral part of the design process. Every piece will have it's own unique characteristics as part of the authenticity of a reclaimed wood Uniqwa piece.