Dried Banksia Hookeriana | Natural

Dried Banksia Hookeriana | Natural

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One of the most on trend native flowers at the moment.  Beautiful Banksia adds an earthy influence to your home decor.  Style in a bunch or add to other dried flower varieties to create a beautiful low care arrangement that you will have for the long term to enjoy. MLx

Current stock is per images - more powdery colour and some more blown them others as shown (price has been reduced to reflect this)

Length: Full length @35cm | Flower Head @10cm

Some flowers are blown (shaggy band at base), some aren’t-smooth from base to top.

Please be advised these do fade over time to a more powder colour

Bunching: Single Stem

Care: Avoid moisture and direct sunlight (no watering required)

With the right care you will have these beauties for a long time to enjoy!