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Pellaea Rotundifolia Button Fern

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Pellaea rotundifolia, the button fern, is a species of fern endemic to New Zealand, where it grows in scrub and forests. It is also a popular garden plant and house plant, tolerating low temperatures but not freezing.

140mm pot


  • Button ferns like enough water, but detest soggy soil. Let the top portion of soil dry out between waterings. If the fronds are green and not wilted, you’ve found a perfect happy medium.
  • House your button fern in a bright or even slightly shady spot, but not in direct sun. A sun-filled kitchen or living room is a good choice.


Particular benefits of interior plants include: Reducing carbon dioxide levels. Increasing humidity. Reducing levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide. Reducing airborne dust levels. Keeping air temperatures down.


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