How to begin styling your home

Not sure where to start when styling your home, you are not alone! Here are some of our tips to help you begin the process.
First set up a Pinterest account, create a board for each area of the house you wish to style. Start pinning inspiration as you find it to the relevant Pinterest board. Use the comments feature when pinning to note why you liked this image, maybe it was just the way the flowers sat in the vase or how the candle and coral looked next to it. While you may discover your taste is quite eclectic, after some time, you can work back through and begin culling some pins which will unearth some commonalities in your styling choices. You will discover what makes your heart sing, what speaks to you and how it could translate into your home interior.
Second find some apps to begin creating mood boards on how things could look together. For quick mock ups, we use PhotoRoom, it removes the back ground of an item, you can add several images and move them around the image square to see how they look together. If you don't feel confident with this step, engage an interior stylist to assist you. Your Pinterest boards will be a great platform to begin the conversation and to better assist the stylist. You can go wild, play with colour, pattern, styles, taking yourself outside your comfort zone, it's only on paper (so to speak). It will be a good exercise to truly begin locking down what you like and don't like.
Choose your hero piece for each space and build around it. For example if you absolutely love the slipcover linen sofa in ochre, then this becomes your hero piece, Everything else from coffee table, artwork to soft furnishings are to work around it, compliment it not compete for attention with it.
the takeaway tip - I always say to our client's, it's one thing to look pretty in a picture or to get caught up with what's trending but it needs to be practical and functional in your home and to fit within your lifestyle, otherwise you won't value it. Invest in quality for the long term that can transcend trends and time, or can be restyled or repurposed.

If you would like to know more about our interior styling services, email or phone us to have a chat. It's our passion, and brings us immeasurable pleasure to see our design concepts become a living reality.
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