Uniqwa Furniture is a supplier of designer furniture inspired by nature and ethnic culture that fits into contemporary environments.  With this, we use recycled and plantation woods predominately in our range. Being eco friendly and sustainably responsible are part of our core attributes.

Uniqwa as the name describes is uniqueness with a difference. A strong but not predominant African flavour, which can be interpreted by its tribal nature. It is about simplicity and function combined with art that makes us who we are. It is organic, earthy and naturally modern.

Founder of Uniqwa Furniture, Charl van Heerden was born in South Africa, but studied Furniture Design & Technology at RMIT in Melbourne. “I am and always have been inspired by the culture that I grew up in. It is such a creative place where people use materials often overlooked to create the most amazing pieces of art. I have learned that there is the potential for beauty in everything around us, but it is the way we use it, the way we see it and the way we apply it that makes it beautiful.”

We invite you to explore our company and look forward to being a part of your support team for your next project.