Dried + Preserved Flowers Disclaimer

Dried and Preserved Plants are a long term and low care alternative to fresh flowers. To get the most out of your product for the long term ensure you follow the steps below:
• Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or 24 hour interior lights.

• No watering or placing the product in water

• Avoid humidity above 70%

• Avoid handling of the foliage, flowers or stems

• Dust it once or twice a year with a feather duster or a low-temperature hairdryer on low speed

• Indoor use only

• We don't recommend placing in bathrooms or on kitchen benches close to heated elements for above reasons

• As these are real to touch natural products, variations in size,shape and colour will occur from image.  Each one is unique and volume of foliage per stem will vary also.  We base our pricing on an average sized stem.  Therefore, we may combine two or three stems to make up volume of foliage similar to that of one fuller stem.

• As these are a natural and sometimes fragile in nature, shedding can occur during shipping and when handling (this is not a product fault).

• Palm Spears and Sun Palms have been trimmed to provide their unique design.  Sometimes the ends will split or break as this is a natural product and not perfect in structural strength.  Should you item chip in transit, we suggest trimming the ends to the desired shape as created (this is not a product fault).


Preserved flowers are 100% natural products that have undergone a preservation process to maintain their beauty and freshness with no need for water or sunlight.

We are not always privy to the full process of the preservation of each item. Some are sun dried, heat dried, dyed and preserved.  We do not recommend as cake toppers or as accents to your organic oil bottles as we can not guarantee the products used are non toxic.  Where we have access to the information we will note it in the product description. eg: plant dyed.

Some varieties are not permitted in certain states.  Please be sure you know what is banned within your state.  If we have knowledge of a particular item being banned we will note it in the product description but our shopping cart system is not set up to vet this.

Returns Policy:

We do not offer returns on dried and preserved plants, so please choose your products carefully.